Courtship of the Saints

How the Saints Met their Spouses

by Patrick O’Hearn


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About Courtship of the Saints

The greatest lovers in the history of the world were the saints, those who sought to love God above everything. For those saints called to marriage, it was God’s love that led them to pursue their spouse in a most pure and holy courtship.

Courtship of the Saints reveals how twenty-five saintly couples, including Joachim and Anne, Joseph and Mary, Elizabeth of Hungary and Louis IV, Gianna and Pietro Molla, Louis and Zélie Martin, and others, met their spouses. From the most ordinary to the most extraordinary circumstances, one thing is clear: Divine Providence was at work. In these pages, you will also discover what courtship is according to Archbishop Fulton Sheen and Father Chad Ripperger. 

In a world of lust, confusion, disappointment, and broken marriages, these saintly couples will inspire you to begin waiting and praying for a virtuous spouse. Still more, they offer wisdom and practical advice for those already married. Better than any romance novel, these stories will captivate your heart and reveal how the saints loved with passion and joy, enduring all trials with peace—for a blessed marriage is the fruit of a holy courtship.

“May my parents’ heroic example and infinite mutual love, so well described in Courtship of the Saints, be a source of hope, consolation, and encouragement for many souls, especially those in trial and suffering, and help us to grow in love and holiness. Saint Mom and holy Dad intercede for us!”

Gianna Emanuela Molla

Last daughter of Saint Gianna and Pietro Molla

“Courtship of the Saints is a breath of fresh air in our hyper-sexualized Western culture. These stories should inspire young Catholics, and all Christians to move in the direction of idealism in their courtships. For couples who want to live a holy courtship and marriage, this is a book that will encourage them par excellence.”

Rev. T. G. Morrow

Author of Christian Dating in a Godless World

“Modern ideas and practices of dating and marriage have proved disastrous to countless souls. Catholics should steer clear of that wide, destructive path. Instead, let us turn to the saints and blesseds, and observe how they discerned, courted, and married. Only in understanding God’s plan and purpose for marriage can we hope to attain the holiness and glory that God intends.”

Leila Miller

Author of Impossible Marriages Redeemed: They Didn’t End the Story in the Middle

About the Author

Patrick O’Hearn

FOUNDER, author

Patrick O’Hearn grew up in the Midwest and spent close to three years in a Benedictine Monastery before discerning the call to marriage. He graduated with a master’s in education from Franciscan University of Steubenville and a bachelor’s in marketing from St. Ambrose University. He is a husband and father of three children-two in Heaven. He founded Contemplative Heart Press to lead readers to a deeper union with God.

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